Attack of the Vampire! is a premiere episode and first episode of season 1.



The episode begins with Tobus playing a video game, when he hears a rumbling outside. It was a giant vampire max its inventors, Luqman2 and Lqman4421. Tobus was upset when he sees the Vampire destroys his tent. After Tobus lends Lqman4421 his video game controller, the vampire begins to eat Luqman2's car. Lqman4421 had made an electro-magnetic pulse generator. Luqman2 was shocked when Lqman4421 is going to destroy their vampire. Luqman2 says that their vampire needs a little love even though it destroys things and eats Luqman2's car. He quickly changed his mind to destroying it when Izaylin gets eaten by the vampire. He points the generator at the vampire and destroys it. Izaylin falls out of the vampire when it falls over. Luqman2, Lqman4421, and Tobus celebrate.


Attack of the Vampire! (transcript)


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